GUMAR s.c. - About us GUMAR s.c. - company manufactures rubber and rubber-metal details for industries and polygraphist machines

We welcome you if your requirements are too high for other manufacturers.

GUMAR was established in April 1979 as a small craftsman shop employing three persons besides the owner. Today the company has 30 employees, still however belongs to the Guild.

Our company manufactures rubber and rubber-metal details for automotive, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, and other industries. We also manufacture and salvage rubber-metal rollers for polygraphist machines.

Our specialty is prototype and short series manufacturing. We also plan detail geometry, choose proper material, and make dies for our customers.

For manufacturing we may use client’s or our own dies. We work with following types of rubber: NR, NBR, SBR, H-NBR, VMQ, FKM, CR, ECO,EAM. We prepare most of rubber mixes in our own rolling mill under strict quality control of our lab staff.

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